Shoutout to the Obscure States

Being a climber from Minnesota, I’ve often been asked in disbelieving or even sarcastic tones, “What is there to climb in MN?”

It’s quite obvious we are not a mountain state. But be ye forewarned, these “flat” states in the midsection of the United States are producing some of the best up and coming climbers. If the U.S. were a rock climber, we’d have great CORE strength.

Over the celebration of our country’s Independence and through that weekend, the nations youth competition climbers put all their skills to the test at the SCS Youth Nationals. The top competitors from this competition would go on to represent the U.S. on the International level. So of course, we can count on there being really tough climbers coming out of states in the Rockies or Appalachians.

But how about these kids pulling hard right smack dab in the middle. Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas.

Team Texas represented really well. In the female categories, five Texas climbers got invites for the U.S. National Team including first place finishes by Claire Buhrfeind in Youth B and Delaney Miller in Juniors. Two male climbers from Texas also made the team.

Minnesota climbers Kyra Condie and Noah Ridge also received invites to the U.S. National Team in their respective categories. Check out this awesome interview with Youth A 1st place finisher, Kyra Condie on JustClimbMN.

And I came across this News Piece from Channel 4 in Oklahoma City. Youth C Champion Chloe Massenet comes from one of the flattest states in the country.

I’m proud of the entire country and all the youth giving it everything they’ve got. See all of the results at  Go get ‘em on the World Stage!!!

~ Climb 4 Real ~

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