Next 5 weeks – Accountable Training

I will do these workouts ... or else I have to fess up

I will do these workouts … or else I have to fess up

As promised, these are my next 5 weeks of training. I know the color coordination and much of the info may not hold much meaning for you personally, but I’ve put it out there and have committed to doing each of them. Now, having done this, I know from experience that my resolve will immediately be tested. Life remains unpredictable. And I am still very much excited about spending as much quality time with my family as possible. What this means for me is that I will have to be disciplined enough to get out and train late nights no matter how draining of a day I’ve had OR (against all odds) get up early in the morning.

What you can expect from me: I will post a comment to this post immediately following my workout or at the latest the following morning. When I live up to my word I will share a quick snip as to how it went. IF I slack off and skip it, or deviate from the plan… then I will have to confess my laziness.

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  1. I think one of the lacking things with my training is the absence of a real motivation to not miss a session. I read a great interview with some author who said that he set up payments to a non-profit he hated–say, NRA just for argument’s sake–and if he didn’t meet a writing goal such as finishing a chapter by a certain date, he had to pay that non-profit the money (it was like $200; enough to hurt). He actually had a friend hold the funds to keep him accountable. Food for thought for not missing any training sessions…but maybe the cash could go to the Access Fund instead. 🙂


  2. 12/30/12 – Aerobic Endurance – Jug haul, weave up and down entire width of my homewall as long as possible. Rest. Repeat x4. It surprised me how lacking my endurance is, no matter how big the holds were.


  3. 1/1/13 – Campus Board – This was my first ‘real’ structured campus board workout. I’ve goofed around on them before, but nothing designed specifically to make me better. I experimented with some of the Easy-Medium difficulty excercises from each of: Ladders, Touches, Bumps, and Doubles. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I performed.

    Skin will be a key factor, I learned. Also, doubles were tough for me (got 1-2-3). I will likely hold off on doubles till later in the winter when I have another 3 week Recruitment Phase. I will be working on my form with the many variations of the other exercises.


  4. 1/2/13 – Felt good to do more of a big holds, low angles, endurance type workout after Campusing on 1/1/13. Helped flush out the little bit of soreness I had and to prove to myself that I can handle the increase in volume.


  5. 1/5/13 – Rescheduled campus workout from Friday to Saturday. Feeling strong, everything except my skin.


  6. 1/7/13 – Made an executive decision not to campus last night. Two reasons: my skin is still on the mend on 4 fingers.


  7. 1/8/13 – Went to a friends house to try out his adjustable homewall. Its about 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall. We started out trying some moves/problems at straight vertical. Then tilted it back to 15 degrees. It was very cool to actually feel the differences in center of gravity and body position. It got my mind going about building an adjustable system wall. Setting up problems in each grip type and body position. Then systematically training them at increasing overhangs.


  8. 1/9/13 – I am very pleased with my body’s response to the increase in volume. Climbed again today at my local YMCA. Low angles. Solid warm-up. Then did a bit of route-setting. Set what i believe to be a pretty good 5.11. I really like setting for many reasons, but most of all for how it makes me think about my own movement style as well as for other both shorter and taller climbers.


  9. 1/11/13 – Campus Workout – skin is getting better/tougher. My favorite moves are the Bumps. There are so many variations. Very Plyometric and yet safe on finger tendons. Looking at doing a make up Campus session tonight as I feel great and will be gaining a bit of rest this weekend before beginning my TRUE periodized training.


  10. 1/14/13 – Good warm-up (much needed as it was frigid in my garage, even with the heater) then started in on a make-up campus session. Fingers, tendons, forearms, all feel great. Skin split on left index finger. Stopped campusing and did a gentle ARC. Really want this skin to heal for good, one more very light session with mostly route setting and then multiple days completely OFF.


  11. 1/21/13 – I fess up. I skipped my Hangboard workout on Monday. No excuses, I was just lazy.
    1/23/13 – Guest Routesetting at the local YMCA. Set a pretty tough sequence involving a kneebar into a dihedral (needed for a long lean to the next handhold) and some balance work up an overhanging arete.


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