The ‘What If ???’ Game – Episode 1

It’s time to use our imaginations.  Pull out all the stops.  Special Notice: This post will only be fun with your participation.  I call this the What If??? Game.  Here’s how it works: I will set you up with the ‘What If’ scenario and you will let your imagination take over.  Anything goes! (family friendly content, of course)

Please DO share in the comments what your IDEAL scenario would look like.  This blog gets readers from all across the world, so I’m certain that we can share some AMAZING ideas with each other.

So here we go…

You have:

3 Months ~ 13 Weeks ~ 90 Days

And enough:

Fuel and Money

And one of these bad boys:

Where will you go climbing first?
Who will you bring with you?
What dream routes/boulders will you climb?
How long will you stay and then where will you go next?

Re-cap:  You have 3 months to go climbing anywhere you can drive to.   You have enough fuel and money to live comfortably in your Sprinter RV.

Dream BIG and share with the rest of us.  (bookmark & return if you need more time)

~ Climb 4 Real ~


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  1. Hi! I’m not even sure how I reached this post, but here’s my Idea.

    There is a ‘famous’ route in Argentina, the route 40, which goes from south to north, bordering the Andes. So, I would go start in the south, to the north and into Bolivia and Peru, until I ran out of time =D


  2. Michael Borga

    two days drive with a stop at Seneca Rocks, to Red River Gorge, a week at the gorge, 2 days drive to Eldorado Canyon, a week in the area, include a climb of the diamond on Long’s Peak, drive to Black Canyon of the Gunnison, week or so, then on to Moab, Castleton, Ancient Arts, etc. south to Indian Creek, week or so, that is how many weeks? 6 or so, about half the time allowed. Now the next part depends upon whether we are discussing legal climbing areas or not. If not, we go climb in Monument Valley for a week and hope we don’t get caught. Or if we are only considering legal climbing we go to Zion for a week. South to Sedona for some spires and then onto Joshua Tree for a few days. On to Tahquitz and Suicide for a week and we are up to 9 weeks with the final 4 weeks (there are 4.3 weeks in a month BTW) spent at Yosemite and Toulumne Meadows.

    I would be one tired puppy at the end of that trip, but it covers most of the “historic” climbing areas from the golden age of climbing clean.


  3. Great premise. Need to think about it. Will get back to you. I have to say though that it needs to be somewhere a bit flatter that your photos show!


  4. Depends on where in the world your coach is. For me it would start in the west coast usa hitting at LEAST smith rock, j-tree and red rocks. Pickup on advice as I went and move east hitting lots of off the beaten trail places. all the way


  5. My turn: Starting out in MN, I would head out to Devil’s Lake/Pettenwell Bluff for just a few days to get the momentum started.[4d] Then on a rest day drive south to Jackson Falls in So.Ill.[5d] I could easily spend a week there, maybe 10 days.[15d] Again timing it on a rest day, I would head east to the Red River Gorge.[16d] It is here where I would post up for an extended period of time. 3 weeks at the Red, park the Sprinter at Miguel’s and climb 2 days on 1 day off.[37d] It is then east to the New River Gorge.[38d] 3 weeks at the New.[59d] Then north to the Gunks for a few days.[60d] Climb at the Gunks for 3 days.[63d] And quickly up to Rumney for the final leg of the trip…[64d] 3 weeks climbing at Rumney[85d]. Unless I was super inspired by something at the Red that I wanted a couple more days to project, in which case I would leave a little early from Rumney to have another go at the RRG.[89d] Then the trek home, back to reality…[90d]


  6. I too would start at Devil’s Lake but then I would head West to the Needles of South Dakota, Devil’s Tower, Fremont Canyon, Vedauwoo in Wyoming, South Platte in Colorado, Mt. Lemmon, Cochise Stronghold in Arizona, Hueco Tanks, Texas then down to my main destination: El Potrero Chico in Mexico.


  7. The specific months make a difference in where I go.
    I’m actually hoping to have two and a half months off starting in the last week of August. I’ll spend Spetember in Colorado, climbing anywhere and anything my friends there want to show me. I’ll be back in Yosemite for the Facelift and for the rest of the month of October. Maybe if I get bored of rock climbing I’ll do a a little backpacking trip in there somewhere.


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