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The ‘What If???’ Game – Episode 2

Wow!!! It’s been about a month since Episode 1 of the ‘What If???’ Game. Pretty good responses.  I know how hard it can be to squeeze out a few minutes to both compile a thought and get it into writing.  I don’t take it lightly that you even take the time to read, let alone type up a comment.  I wrote a post earlier listing some climbing sites I loved and frequented often that could use a pick-me-up.  According to my click-through stats, you guys really came through, and several have even shared new content.  Thank you!!!

Well, it is time again to warm up those imaginations and share some inspiration.  Remember, anything goes! (as long as its PG)  Another Special Notice: This post will only be fun with your participation. [Comments are still open on Episode 1]

Here we go again…

You have access to:

And room for 2 more stamps on:

And one of these:

What country will you fly to first?
What sectors will you climb at?
What dream routes/boulders will you climb?
How long will you stay?
And then where will you go next?

Re-cap:  You have one month and access to a Flex Jet program and can climb in any 2 countries other than your own.

Dream HUGE and share below with the rest of us.

~ Climb 4 Real ~


The ‘What If ???’ Game – Episode 1

It’s time to use our imaginations.  Pull out all the stops.  Special Notice: This post will only be fun with your participation.  I call this the What If??? Game.  Here’s how it works: I will set you up with the ‘What If’ scenario and you will let your imagination take over.  Anything goes! (family friendly content, of course)

Please DO share in the comments what your IDEAL scenario would look like.  This blog gets readers from all across the world, so I’m certain that we can share some AMAZING ideas with each other.

So here we go…

You have:

3 Months ~ 13 Weeks ~ 90 Days

And enough:

Fuel and Money

And one of these bad boys:

Where will you go climbing first?
Who will you bring with you?
What dream routes/boulders will you climb?
How long will you stay and then where will you go next?

Re-cap:  You have 3 months to go climbing anywhere you can drive to.   You have enough fuel and money to live comfortably in your Sprinter RV.

Dream BIG and share with the rest of us.  (bookmark & return if you need more time)

~ Climb 4 Real ~

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