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Video Update: Red Point Homewall Review

These videos are long overdue. I did attempt to smash them together and have some crisp cuts and background music (other than my breathing), but the converting from Flip Video was not being very cooperative.

To remember the specifics about my review of Red Point Climbing Holds from a homewall owners perspective, Click HERE

This first video features the Commudum Pinches (used as crimps), the Cthulu Tufa, and the Diffraction (hidden behind arete).


This second video features the Commudum Pinches (again as crimps) and then how they are good as slopey footholds when tracking.


This third video features the Cthulu Tufa and a pretty intense spinner test. I do believe these come with set screw holes now, but mine did not and I was certain it would spin. The grey wall on the left is painted with NicroTex paint and the straight on wall is pure plywood. I was pretty impressed.


Check these all out, and more at

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What’s New … What Next!?!?

I think it’s probably needless to say, I’m obsessed with climbing. It’s pretty much on my mind throughout the day and I am often scouring the interwebs for new and insightful content. Videos, blogs, articles; you name it. So one day I was on and I saw a banner ad featuring World Cup phenom Jakob Schubert and a new version of the climbing harness. I was intrigued because I just happened to be in the market for a new harness as my current one is WELL overdue retirement (think Chris O’Donnell in Vertical Limit). So I clicked on the ad. And this is what I found.

Realization Shorts – by Mammut

I kind of like the idea behind these. In case you decided not to click on the photo above (thus bringing you to the Mammut product site), they are shorts that have built in harnesses. Or are they harnesses that have built in shorts? Either way, they appear comfortable. Fairly stylish. And they are probably going to be a big hit on the comp circuit.

Zip-Off Pant Legs

But what about the ‘Rest of Us’? Here is my best guess on what this product would need for me to fork over my hard earned $$$. Shorts are great for indoor climbing and warm climates. But I live in Minnesota. If I were to spend $200 on a harness, even a combo like this, I would want the good old zip-off pant legs. Remember those?  I don’t want to have to have a regular harness plus my awesome Realization Shorts in the event it is too cold to go bare legs outside.  I can see this added versatility being a great increase in market share.  I guess the only other option I would ask for is additional color options.  Like my all-time favorite, Black with Red accents.

I guess that only leaves one more question for me… What’s next???  Booty Short Harnesses for the ladies?!?!  I’m joking, please NO!

~ Climb 4 Real ~

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